Having established a formidable reputation as a choreographer, Jacqui Ison is driven by a creative curiosity about movement, texture and shape with her studio experiments leading to success within an array of dance genres.

Her passion for choreography was ignited through the exploration and experimentation of movement and sound, along with her inquisitive nature to create unique and artistic patterns and shapes captured with a strong emotional intelligence.

Her work is original, innovative, visually delightful, entertaining and emotional and supported by extensive research to ensure accuracy and authenticity of theme and technique. She designs precise, authoritative, and engaging movements and can assist small to large dance companies reach their maximum potential.

For over 35 years, Jacqui Ison has a track record of choreographing solos, duets, trios, quartets and groups for competitions alongside professional commissioned works. A handful of her accomplished works are highlighted in the choreographic catalogue. Along with her distinctive and inimitable style, her choreography has been acknowledged on a national and international level.

Whether the performance is live, filmed, staged, or televised, she instructs and advises all collaborators and dancers in safe, execution of dance and movement and ensures techniques are performed safely.

If you have a collaborative dance project or artistic production requiring choreography, please call Jacqui Ison on 07447 740604.

Safeguarding & Health